Covid Safety @ Commons

As we fight through this second wave of Covid -19, Catalyst Commons strives to be a safe place to come to work, and join together in our Community, albeit in a very different and new way.

There are a few Covid-19 safety protocols we need your support with, and activities we are doing we want you to know about. These are all ways that we can show care & compassion for each other, and our Community alike.

Personal Space

Commons is conscious about giving each member the right amount of personal space to maintain appropriate physical distancing while encouraging you to be a part of our founding members of the Catalyst Commons Community. Opening in Fall 2020 means that we will pay very close attention to implementing all safety precautions.

Catalyst 137 provides easy access to Catalyst Commons, with 475,000 square feet of space to accommodate physical distancing all on one floor. Catalyst has the advantage of being completely accessible and barrier free, and avoids the use of elevators.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Working closely with our Facilities team, Commons is committed to enhanced all day cleaning for all common areas, kitchen, washrooms, phone booths, board rooms, meeting rooms and print stations.

On opening, Catalyst Commons will focus on eliminating touch points, and delay the offering of community dishware and glassware  to mitigate the spread of germs. We will also provide alternative solutions to enhanced coffee experiences and beer tap access for the safety of our members.

Communication & Awareness

Commons is committed to clear and direct communication with all of our members in our central membership portal. As we work together to understand the changing environment we will openly communicate our practices as we keep members’ health & safety in the highest regard.

Touchless Technologies

Catalyst Commons was designed on principle to be frictionless. With the aid of technology and smart design, Commons has the built in capability to provide a smooth and touchless experience. From ease of Door access, meeting room bookings all the way to touchless controls in common areas such as kitchens and washroom facilities, Commons has removed as many touch points as possible.

Alongside our touchless technologies, we aim to make your workplace experience as simple as possible, while offering a seamless and enjoyable experience.